Like and don't like...

"I don't like to study but Ilike to keep learning"

.....I heard that sentence on my gradution day .
It normal but feel so good right?

.....I am sure everybod have to ever think,
"we should to keep study for what?"
If U think that, it mean U boring and tried to keep studying.
I know because I thinking often times ;)

.....I have some advice to give whom ever think like that,
During studying U are child, but when U working U are adult.

"U try to learning or U force yr self to learning?"

P.S. to day is anniversary day, to start my new school 1 week.
have many good things, I met some friend that I want to be friend
(however I don't know him anymore and...may hard because he is japanease
but at least it's look so good for me hahaha I hope he think so.)
P.S.2 I am very tried to day after school I go to eating with Ryu Fung and Rabbit
Oh.....I am so tried

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