Easter Day

Easter Day
16 April 2006

bout Easter Day...
I don't Know any more, maybe
I am not Christian
and I don't have faith in Christ...But I like something
on Easter day...Something we call "Easter Egg"

I think Easter egg it's mean happy things
you ever expected before...

And I ever think for a dog "what an Easter egg?"
never know and can't know what an Easter egg to be for them
until I met this dog in a picture I guess good meal or great house
it's not for sure, if Easter egg it's thing like I think
may be a
little freedom time on grass field is "dog's Easter egg"

So.....Untill now are you found your Easter Egg yet?

P.S. Thank my good friend
(Kelly) that asked me about Easter day.
P.S.2. to day I have many good friend is my Easter Egg :)

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