What is the LOVE.

How U can know "Love is important things" ?

When we are child all of us know what is To take Love...
But we never know how to give love.

When we are teen-age all of us know what is Make love...
But we never proving, that's call love or not.

When we are adult all of us know what is Lover...
But we never know how to forgiving.

When we are getting old some one know what is The love...
But we never have much time to love anymore.

Someone ill and know what's family love.
Someone geting poor and know what's lover love.
Someone got accident and know what's friend love.

But untill the end...some one never know what is the LOVE.

P.S.I have trip on this week i hope good weather will come :)
P.S.2 I don't understand why when somebody have time to do
but didn't do anything untill it's so late
at least I hope someone to be aware about this...

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